Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ashrie's 8th Birthday Party

I was very excited about my party. My birthday was yesterday, Friday, but everybody was at work. So we had it on a Saturday.

Daddy put the decorations up and Mommy worked hard preparing the food. Now I realised how hard they worked for my party. Lia and I got dressed and waited for the guests to arrive. Then some of the guests arrived, first it was Ninang  Diane, Ninong Carlo, Ate April and Danah. Danah was a bit shy so we played Lia's LEGO Duplo. Then the rest of the guests arrived -  Tita Luisa, Tita Grace and Tita Meanne. They joined us in playing LEGO Duplo. After playing, we sat down to eat. Mommy served Spaghetti, Palabok, Spring Rolls and Macaroni Salad.

After dinner, we all played Pie Face. The children used a heart-shaped sponge and the adults used whipped cream. The children laughed when the adults got Pie-Faced. The winner was Ate April. Mommy gave her a prize.

After we were finished playing, Daddy brought out my cake. Everybody sang the Happy Birthday song to me. While I was making a wish, Lia was already blowing the candle!

Soon, it was the end of my birthday party. Before the guests left, I gave them my thank-you-for-coming cards.

Then, I opened my birthday presents. The present from Ninang Diane was a book entitled Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book. It was a nice book. It had sixty-seven chapters. The next present was from the Titas - LEGO Friends. And of course, my Mom and Dad gave me LEGO Friends Emma's House and a smaller LEGO Friends set. I love it!

Thank you Dad and Mom, and to all the guests who came. You made my birthday very, very special.


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