Thursday, March 10, 2016

Terrarium Update

Back in 2012, Jane gifted me with a beautiful terrarium from Plant Story (see the old photo here). I loved it to bits. But eventually, however I took care of it, the plants still withered overtime, the mosses dried and the whole setup lost its original luster and vibrancy. I discarded everything but saved the lovely apothecary jar which held the little garden altogether.

Fast forward to this week, March 2016, I revived the glass jar, sterilized and prepped it to be used again for the same purpose that I initially got it, a terrarium. 

I used three different cultivars of Fittonias (Nerve Plant), three varieties of mosses, slate slabs, and granite nuggets for the garden. It's lush at the moment and would get even fuller with proper care. It's a big leap from the terrarium it used to be four years ago.

The particular terrarium at the top is my third in a series of terrarium-making stunts. I still have one more in line and probably a few small ones in the future.

But for now, let me leave you with my first two projects, the one with a wooden ball stopper has a miniature African Violet in it and the glass decanter is purely a moss terrarium. Both of them are currently more than two weeks old and so far, it doesn't need re-watering. The mosses are starting to show new growth and it's amazing to look at. When you open it, you can have a whiff of the woodlands.

Happy Gardening! Until next time.
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