Monday, September 27, 2010

Ashrie and the Iconic Poang Chair

I have always wanted a Poang chair. I am actually planning to buy one for myself because I really like its design, unique form and construction. Lately, IKEA produces a smaller version for kids and we bought one for Ashrie. It took minutes to assemble, and I think it’s sturdy enough to last a few good years. Not the comfiest piece of furniture in the house, but for now, it’s my princess’s throne, while watching her favorite videos and while reading her books.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Glamour Girl

It's Sunday and Ashrie's ready for church. But Dad and Daughter still need to wait for Mom to finish dressing up (she's always the last one to prepare because she needs to do a lot of motherly stuffs), so it's my call to keep Ashrie busy and at the same time maintain her pristine appearance because we're going out.

At my daughter's age, an open master bedroom closet is a great playground, with all its sliding doors and drawers, hangers and folded clothes, it's a wonderland! So to avoid more things for Jane to do, I took Ashrie, grabbed her Mom's black scarf with silver lining (which is perfectly matched with Ashrie's silver-sequined, black Benetton top), our handy-dandy camera and had a quick photoshoot right in our living room.

And here are her best shots.

With the scarf on her head, she's a lady of mystique.

Without, she's that confident child who never fails to capture hearts with her ever-contagious smile. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Deck the Halls!

It’s kinda early, I know. But we have already decked the halls for the holidays! Same time last year we did the same thing to fully maximize the season. Now, our humble home is filled with Christmas cheer, and our tree all dressed-up with ornaments and lights, is waiting for presents underneath it. Being a Filipino gave us the” license” to celebrate early, because “ber” months heralded the start of the Christmas Season in the Philippines. And being a true-blue Filipino, let Me and My Girls be the first ones to greet you a very Merry Christmas!

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Marshmallow Test

The instruction is simple. You will be given one marshmallow and promised to be given a second one on the condition that you wait half-an-hour before eating the first one. Very easy, you might think, but for four-year olds, it's entirely a different story. Some children were able to wait but others (the moment they heard that the thing is for them to eat) devoured it right away! A few passed, but all struggled. Here’s the video.

The first “Marshmallow Experiment" was conducted by Walter Mischel at Stanford University in the 1960s. But this experiment doesn’t end there. Years after, researchers then followed the progress of each child into adolescence and found out that those with the ability to wait were better adjusted and more dependable and scored significantly higher on the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

Funny it may seem, but sometimes we are like little children who want to get or do things the moment we decide that we like it, and then suffer the consequences of our actions. Sometimes, we just do not accept NO for an answer. Even with our prayers to God! It is important to wait on the Lord, for His perfect will and time to fully enjoy the “marshmallow(whatever it might be) that we are longing for.
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