Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back to School

Ashrie’s back to School for her second term in Nursery 2. For the June holidays they were tasked to make their very own storybook. Of course, a four-year-old cannot do the project by themselves so it’s actually a parent’s project with a little input from the toddlers.

For this certain project, we made a 6-page book with an original, eco-themed story. So we’re the book author, illustrator, publisher and distributor, all in one! Our story is basically about the adventures of three friends who were in the brink of being in a dumpster. They were saved by a little girl who eventually transformed them into something useful, in this case a flower pot.

We used mixed media – a combination of magazine pages paper-cuttings, drawings by color markers, and crayons. (Ashrie did most of the coloring by crayons). Really not bad for a Nursery project. What do you think?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fishing Game in Hay Day

Since Hay Day is my popular post, here’s a sequel. Recently, Hay day has yet again released an upgrade. And that’s a good thing because I have already claimed all the land for my farm and there is nothing else exciting to do. This time, they introduce a fishing game which you can access by clicking the boat (as shown below). It will transport you to the fishing area wherein you can fish, record your catch on a fishing journal and earn diamonds in the process. Try it!

By the way, this is how my farm looks now.

I hope they’ll come up with more spaces and new items next time. Until then!

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