Thursday, February 25, 2016

Masha and The Bear

I mentioned in my previous post that one of Lia's YouTube favorites is Masha and the Bear(RussianМаша и МедведьMasha i Medved'And if you haven't heard about them, well, this is your lucky day.

Meet this amazing duo and know all about them through their video episodes on YouTube. One of their episodes, "Recipe For Disaster" has received over 1.16 billion views, making it the site's thirteenth most viewed video to date. Most of the episodes are in Russian but because of the brilliant storyline, amazing animation, and adorable characters, you will still be able to follow their adventures, plus the fact that only Masha along with a few guest characters speak the language. 

They are indeed famous and for all the good reasons. Yes, Masha is very playful, mischievous, and sometimes inconsiderate, But hey, she's a happy, thoughtful, inquisitive little girl. And who would not love Bear with his lovely tree house and vegetable garden? He is a retired circus performer (who knows and excels) in a lot of things.

Lemme just share one clip and you’ll get what I mean and know why Lia and the rest of the family love this series. Enjoy!

Plus why we sometimes call Lia the same name, Masha!

About Lia

Lia's four months away from her 2nd birthday.

She's still very active. She loves to play ball, mess her Ate's play kitchen and do dress-ups. She would cover herself with a blanket (like a ghost) and say she's a princess!

The little lady likes to sing her favorite rhymes especially Row Your Boat, Twinkle Little Star, and Bah, Bah Black Sheep and I'm glad she's in tune. Her current YouTube favorites are Masha and the Bear (we call her Masha sometimes), Bada Namu and lately, clips from Frozen

"Give me", "Please", "Excuse me", "Sorry", "Thank you", I love you", "Bye" or something that sounds like those words were added to her growing vocab.

And I just love it when I say, "Lia loves... and she'll say "Daddy!"

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