Monday, November 2, 2015

Ashrie's Graduation Ceremony

Last Saturday was Ashrie's Graduation Ceremony. I guess I have been expecting too much because I'm kinda disappointed with what happened. For me, the event would have been better had it been reworded as Graduation Photo Session and not Ceremony. You see, I did not hear any Aida March, nor the National Anthem, or even one of the student's names or even their teacher's names. The student's didn't even held their diploma.

Here's what happened. The parents sent their children to PCF Blk 677 an hour before the event time which was very near the Graduation venue, Woodlands Galaxy Community Club. The parents then waited in the hall for the event to start. The ceremony was basically a speech from the current MP and then the K2 classes were called one by one. The MP shook their hands as they made their way to their seats. One student held a tray of rolled "diplomas". And they pose for a Graduation class photo, one in a serious face, and one in a showing a hand "peace" sign.

And then after the shoot, they took off their togas so that the other class can wear it. I picked Ashrie up and we headed home. That's it.

Looking on the brighter side, all these doesn't negate the fact that Ashrie has leveled up and come next year, she will attend the big school. And as simple and unceremonious it all might have been, Congratulations to our dear daughter. And God bless you on entering Primary School. 

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