Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ashrie's "Manny Pacquiao" Moves

Jane took the video last night during her Kid's Night-out at JWT Kids Gym. And to answer the trainer's question, no, she isn't related to Manny Pacquiao! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Kid's Night-Out

A late post. This happened last month when Ashrie had her first night-out. It was the February edition of JWT Kids Gym Singapore's Kid's Night-out at UE Square. My wife brought Ashrie for a 3-hour playtime. And that gave us an hour or so to have dinner all by ourselves. It's rare that we have a special time together because we don't have a nanny. Good thing they have night sessions, so while the kids are having a night-out, the parents can have a date night as well.

And tonight, it's the last Friday of the month and another Kid's Night-Out is on the way. And Me&MyGirls are sure to catch it later. See you guys!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction

It's a one-week school break for Ashrie and it's time for a treat! So we went to the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands last weekend to see Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction. It was our first time to be at the venue (although I was part of the design team who did its foundation works). 

We booked our tickets online and collected the tickets at the venue. The exhibition was laid-out as if it was telling the story of how these giant creatures started out as simple sea organisms then developed fins and legs, eventually went out of the water and then evolved to a more complex reptilian/mammalian creature. Well, something like that.

It dated back to "600 million years" and showcased fossils, skeletal and animal models. It even shows the predecessors of these creatures and the theories of how they became extinct.

At the end, there is a complimentary art/craft project for kids and kid-at-hearts. And as all museums have, a souvenir shop at the exit.

During the entire time of the exhibit, I had this question in my mind about the timeline that all of these occurred. With all the scientific knowledge that was presented to me, I was searching for the answer with regards to the biblical truths that I know and believe about creation.

If you have the same questions, this article can shed light. It placed the dinosaurs in the biblical timeline, answered the question about where Adam and Eve was during this time, explained how old the earth is, and where these creatures are mentioned in the bible.

Again with the light stuff, we had late lunch back at the mall after more than two hours trek inside the museum. And as a final hurrah for the day just before going home, Jane and Ashrie decided to take the Sampan Boat Ride which is exactly inside the MBS.

If you wish to see the dinosaur exhibit, it is still up until 27 July 2014. Local residents get a special discount. You can book your tickets here

Monday, March 24, 2014

Mommy's Doll

It all started when Ashrie requested to play dress-up yesterday. The original peg was Queen Elsa of Arendelle but it ended with this.

Mom did her hair and make-up but she chose the colors. Yes, that was an improvised gown from Jane's wardrobe, an actual electric-pleated maternity wear. She requested it to be tightened by the waistline. She wore mom's neckpiece and her red shoes. All dolled-up, she demanded for a videoshoot while she sings "Let It Go".

Mom took the pictures just before clean-up and here are the rest of the shots.

All this makes me remember this post

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bedroom Art Update

I found this pair of vintage artwork when we moved to our new place. It was left by the previous owner in a desolate state, very dusty and its carved wooden frame's paint faded. It is a beautiful acrylic painting of birds, butterfly and flowers on paper. It was probably painted by one artist because it has the same style, but the two paintings are not exactly identical as you can see in the photo below. They have inscriptions which include Awan, Penusuan and 1997. It seems to be of Indonesian (or could be Malaysian) origin since the previous owners were Malays. So this year it is now 17 years old.

There and then, I have decided that I will incorporate these pieces in our new home. The frame in itself is a beauty and the glass covers are intact. I have restored it by repainting its frame with glossy brown paint and gilded the thin fretwork along the glass edge. We hang it above our bed to keep up with the room’s traditional theme. It actually looks matched with the master bedroom's milky glass bowl chandelier with antique brass hangers. It was there for three months.

The pair has different but matching designs but their papers have discolored badly especially the one on the left. This made me think that these guys need new matting. But on a deeper thought, I have decided to replace the paintings altogether with miniature prints from a Filipino contemporary painter well-loved by his paintings of Old Philippines in a contemporary light, Dominic Rubio. Not only does I love his painting style, I love his surname. In fact, I am married to one Rubio, my wife Jane.

So I carefully peeled-off the old corrugated cardboard back, took the paintings and replaced it with the prints and textured matting in the same white hue. It now features a lovely pair which is a Filipino fisherman with his catch on the right, and a Filipina fish-seller on the other with his husband's catch on a basket ready for the sale. It is hanging above our headboard and interestingly, it is also our sides when we sleep.

As for the old paintings, I kept it and it will surely be matted and framed but in a more contemporary setting in the near future. I'll show it here once done.

What do you think of my small weekend project?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Trees in Singapore

Below are photos from some of the most prominent names in interiors and home decorating.

Hillary Swank’s Manhattan apartment via Elle Decor
Ken Fulk’s home via HouseBeautiful
Better Homes and Gardens
House & Home

Notice the photobomb? Well, not exactly. Actually it’s the eye-candy present in all the photos. It’s the Ficus Lyrata, more commonly known as the fiddle-leaf fig tree. It has been the houseplant in trend for the past few years, gracing the interiors of celebrities, designers and tasteful homeowners. Who would not love the Ficus? It’s very contemporary, sculptural and provides a great visual impact.

I've been wanting one and almost bought a 5-foot tree impulsively last Chinese New Year but the pot was too heavy and the tree was to tall to fit into a cab. For that I would've spent around $80 and another $80 for the pot. Just a few weeks back, I saw some fiddle-leaf fig trees, about 1-2 feet tall in IKEA, and just last Sunday, it’s already in the local grocery, Cold Storage. We were buying potting soil for our other houseplants so we've decided to get one. I have managed to select the tallest one which is a leaf-level higher than the rest of the stock for the same price of $10. I named him Fido and he’s 2 1’/2 feet tall. 

Thinking about it, it is smarter to get a small plant first, let it be accustomed to the conditions of the new place, to settle down gradually, and grow with you. It would be drastic for a tree that was nourished in a nursery to be placed inside the house with minimal air, rain, and sunlight. It’s just the perfect formula to kill a tree. Anyway, it’s a tropical tree so if they can grow it in wintry places, it shouldn't be much of a problem here in Sunny Singapore (I hope!).

So my tactic is this:
1) Let it stay outdoors where it will receive plenty of sunlight and air and grow new branches and leaves.
2) Water it only when necessary.
3) Re-pot it  to a bigger container in a few months time to encourage more growth.
And lastly 4) To bring it indoors when it is a few feet above our sofa.

Sound like a plan!

If all else fails, I’ll just get a new tree because the corner of our living hall needed something high and green badly and it’s just too early for a Christmas tree.

Update (as of July 2015):

A few months back, I pruned Fido’s top to encourage more branches, it did branched-out but still to a single trunk. I have successfully tried rooting the cut portion and now it is another plant with promising potential as I see new branches despite its small state.

As of the old tree, Fido has grown more than 5 feet tall after more than a year. The tree is still indoors, sheds a few leaves and developed new ones. I’m planning to transfer it to a bigger pot to encourage height and hopefully the much elusive branches. Will keep you all posted.

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