Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baby's Arrival

Ashrie drew this sketch yesterday about her mom's trip to the hospital and how she envisions the future. I don't exactly know how she feels right now and if she's really ready for a younger sister to share mom and dad's attention. But ready or not, here she comes! 

Today is Jane's schedule for CS operation. It is in fact the only procedure of choice for her because normal delivery is impossible for her case, placenta praevia. That's the main reason why she was bleeding for the whole month of May, why she was admitted for a week even before her due date, why she will deliver today instead of June 18, and why I wasn't able to report for work for almost 3 weeks in total!

While waiting at the Operating Theatre lounge I have realized that it is more difficult to sit and wait for the results, to be clueless and helpless. Unlike during Ashrie's birth that I was with Jane inside the OR and I knew exactly what was happening. It makes you trust God more, to cast all your worries, burdens and doubts into the hands of the All-knowing God.

But God is indeed gracious to us. He allowed the baby to reach full term before she's delivered. I just hope and pray that everything will be alright for the both of them and we can all go home safely in a few days, just like what Ashrie drew.

May 28 is a good date after all because Ashrie's birthday is April 28.  It's easier for the dad to remember.

Bureau DIY for Ashrie

Here's a quick DIY that I did for Ashrie's bedroom over the weekend. We have this bureau in our master bedroom which also serves as our office. It has a lot of storage possibilities, has cable management for computer cords and most of all, a leaf that you can pull down to serve as a desk.

Since the coming princess will co-sleep with us, we need to put some kiddie drawers and storage for her baby stuff. And we need to clear this tall furniture and put it elsewhere for the time being. So off it went to Ashrie's bedroom.

Wallpapering the back of the bookcase transformed the otherwise very formal piece of furniture and gave it a fun and youthful vibe. It's done with Ashrie's favorite color with heart prints. And needless to say, Ashrie "heart" it!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Daddy Duties and More!

My previous two weeks was Crazy (yup, with a capital C).

Two Mondays ago, I was on the train, routinely on my way to the office when Jane called that she was bleeding heavily. As I have shared on my previous post that any bleeding at any point in pregnancy calls for urgent medical attention, it happened again! Not that she's accountable for it, but the baby's low-lying placenta is making pregnancy very difficult for her.

For that reason, I wasn't able to report to work for 1 week. And another week because come the next Monday when I was supposed to report back, she had a bleeding episode again. And this time it was worse that the doctor did not allowed her to stay at home and rest but to be confined indefinitely until the bleeding and contractions cease. She was on 24-hour "surveillance" for two days, to say the least with the CTG (cardiocotography) never leaving her tummy and plugs left and right. She even received two doses of steroids should the baby be delivered prematurely.

Halfway this ordeal, we booked tickets for a relative to give us extra hands urgently so that I can go to work. And all this time I have been the busiest as I have ever been in my entire life, balancing the family chores, doing groceries, commuting to and fro the hospital, cooking, cleaning, taking care of Ashrie and many more.

There are so many things that happened but I cannot, in my clean conscience complain in at least one of the many things because God's grace was and is sufficient. His blessings far outnumber all the trials that we are experiencing right now.

June 18, 2014 was supposed to be our baby's delivery date but because of Jane's sensitive condition, her doctor will be doing the CS operation on the baby's 37th week exactly. So to date, we have barely 9 days to go before our second baby's birth date. Praying that everything will so smoothly as planned, and both Jane and the baby will be safe.

More updates soon!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Twinkle the House Rabbit

We were intrigued on what she had wished for on her birthday before she blew her birthday candles, so we asked her. She said she prayed for a new bubble maker. I cannot believe how simple it was! (I thought she prayed for world peace!) So the exact day of the birthday, Monday, 28th of April 2014, I bought her a new Barbie battery-operated bubble maker (not in picture) and this dog!

She loves it, because as for her, the latest present from me is the best gift ever. And as a final hurrah for her birthday celebration, we have adopted Twinkle! My brother helped to bring this one-year-old rabbit home to us. We just bought all her things and food and now she's settling in, a day at a time. 

I will definitely share a picture of her when she's out and about in my future posts, that among many other things.

Until next time!

Ashrie's 5th Birthday Party!

It's the party that almost didn't happen.

A day before her party, Jane had "bleeding"! And any form of bleeding at any point in pregnancy calls for urgent attention. It was before 2 pm when she called me and informed me of the news, I then rushed home from the office and brought her to her OB-Gyne. Thankfully, the baby is fine but Jane received a jab and needs to be on total bed rest until her condition normalizes. At that point we were at the crossroads of having to cancel the party or have me prepare all the food. Of course you know what decision we have come up with.

Most decorations were already in place, but still there were a gazillion things to do! Cakes and cupcakes need to be bought, flowers need to be bought and arranged, the house needs to be spotlessly-cleaned, and most importantly, food needs to be prepared!

So with all the assistance and support that Jane can give me, without compromising her medical condition, and with the assistance of my brother who came hours earlier before the dinner party, I prepared the food, and the house for Ashrie's Big 5 Party.

Good thing our menu was simple and most of it was baked so I managed to finish in time just before our first batch of guests arrived. And another blessing, it was just a dinner party planned to accommodate a total of 12 adults, including Jane and I.

Here are some photos of the event:

Happy, happy birthday Ashrie! Daddy and Mommy loves you sooo much!

More updates soon. Needless to say, I'm so busy these days, juggling work and family but all is good. God is good!

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