Monday, December 12, 2016

Mom and Daughter Duet

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is one Christmas song that probably would be remembered in the family for years to come.

Yesterday, Jane and Ashrie sang this song as a duet to the delight of the audience who attended the Pinoy Connection Christmas Party at Evangel Family Church. It was the song the organizers requested them to sing but they were free to pick the version or their own "minus one". They chose an upbeat piano version and the song lasted only more than a couple of minutes.

After the event we had our family photo taken by friends who came to watch them sing. (On the left: Me&MyGirls at the church lobby. The pine tree smells so fresh. It's a joy to see a tall Christmas tree right there on that same spot year after year. And yes, Evangel is undergoing a revamp of their main lobby as you can see far beyond; On the right: Ate Ashrie smiling ever so daintily so as not to show her new two front teeth.)
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