Friday, February 3, 2017

Me&MyGirls at the Singapore Zoo

We stayed in Singapore this year for the 2017 Chinese New Year holidays. It was a four-day for me and a five-day break for Ashrie.

We spent the first day spring cleaning, the second at Singapore Zoo, the third in a friend's birthday dinner and the fourth at IKEA. We basically took mostly Uber, Taxis and Grab which ultimately reduced our traveling time and at the same time our stress in public commuting with the kids had we opted to take buses and trains.

Singapore Zoo was packed to the brim. It was the first day of CNY and a Saturday when we visited. We reached the gates around 11, Having our online tickets printed as we reached, we were inside the zoo right after Lia watched the Lion Dance and had this photo taken.

It was Lia's first visit to the SG Zoo and quite a number of visits for the rest of us. There were a lot of improvements in the zoo premises and actually, as soon as you enter the Mandai area, you can see the developments to look forward to as early as 2020. (I think Jurong Bird Park will be transferred in the area plus there will be a new attraction, the Rainforest Park, so all parks can be accessible to each other and possibly be visited by tourists in a day. Tiring to think about it but awesome idea.)

We did not managed to view all of the animals because we saved precious time for water play. We can always visit next time for Lia to see the other animal enclosures.

At this age, she quickly loses interest in the animals. She enjoyed the fragile forest though, where we are literally face to face with a lemur, the bats, and a sloth! And of course, she had a great time at the play area, on their carousel rides, the rabbits, and the water play.

We definitely have to visit again but hopefully on a day with less crowd. :)

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