Monday, November 28, 2011

Impressive Service From Filipinos

On behalf of my fellowmen, I thank thee, Mr. Geoff Tan for your kind and generous comments on your article published today at mypaper. This has made my crowded, morning train ride a happy one. That, and so much more.

Kid's Say the Darndest Things!

Very true with Ashrie.

Scenario 1: Just last night, while she was pushing a cushion on the floor to our bedside (this serves as buffer in case she falls on our wood laminated floors), she said to my bedroom slippers, "Excuse me Daddy's slippers!"

I answered kiddingly, "My slippers said NO!"

She replied, "But the slippers does not have a mouth, Daddy!

Scenario 2: A few weeks back while we were on the playground and Ashrie was sliding, (down the slide) there was a stray cat in the playground. Her mom asked, "Can the cat slide too?"

Well, she answered confidently, "Of course! She has a butt too!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Smurfy Christmas!

Looky! It's White Christmas at The Smurfs' Village! You can buy seasonal items like Christmas trees (with and without ornaments), snowman, snowballs, candy canes, and a lot more. The Smurfs are also dressed up for the holidays with ear muffs, scarves, and gloves but they are still not wearing any shirts! And Smurfette is visiting again to give extra XP. Sometimes, it's even snowing!

Here is a snapshot of my Smurf's Village, Christmas Edition.

And I also need to share this Smurf's Christmas Special.

Have a fun-filled Christmas, Smurf-loving friends!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Poinsettia Tree-Topper

We are very pleased to post the final installment of our very own 12 Days of Christmas KidsCraft Series. Number 12 at that, is a simple craft made from crumpled paper (you can buy this from craft stores) and some strips of double adhesive tape.

If you are tired of seeing a star or an angel atop your tree, here's how you can spruce up that old Christmas tree with something unique, handmade and one of a kind tree-topper.

Prepare 8 or more of this "paper bag-like" pieces.
Cut the ends into a petal shape form,
paste side by side and open up like a fan.
Place a stick at the bottom
and use as a tree-topper!
It literally adds height to our tree!
So glad that we finally made it through! And oh, A Merry Christmas to one and all! =)

Christmas Tree Pillow

Number 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas KidsCraft Series is here! Something to cuddle this cold season, more so if you are experiencing winter in your country. So before I dream of a White Christmas in Singapore, here's our craft of the day.

Felt Fabric (in red, white and green)
Pillow Polyfill

1. Trace the tree and star shapes. Make two of these, one for the front and one for the back of the pillow. Make snow shapes too to accentuate the tree's foliage.

2. Sew the buttons and  the snow on the front side.

3. Sew all the way to the bottom but don't forget to fill with pillow polyfill as you sew and before you close the pillow.

For variations, you can try making a gingerbread man, a snowman, Santa, a candy cane, a bell... or anything! 

And here are the photos!

 One more to go! You better watch out! =)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Cookies

Third to the last installment of the 12 Days of Christmas KidsCraft is here!

The young ones and the "young once" will surely enjoy making this craft. Not only that they will enjoy doing it, they will also enjoy eating it afterwards.

A few weeks ago, we bought Yummy Dough, the first moldable clay that you can bake and eat. And it was a blast, quite difficult for inexperienced sculptors like us but it turned out to be a fun activity. The cookie when cooked ain't bad as well, not so sweet, not so hard, just right to the bite.

And here are some quick bites! Enjoy!

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