Friday, December 28, 2012

My Little “Big Girl”

Did I blink too long that I didn’t realize she’s growing too fast? Well, she’s now 3 years old, almost half my height, and will start attending nursery school in a few days. She doesn’t want to be called baby anymore but big girl. “Time flies” is an understatement.

If I could only reduce time’s speed I would. But now all I can do is to cherish every moment of her innocence and keep every part of her precious childhood in the deepest recesses of my memory.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Ashrie’s a picky eater. We do not exactly approve of this and as parents we are trying to introduce her to a wide variety of food. But I think it will take more time to convince her to try certain foods, to like ketchup, mushroom, pizza, or even bread.

Yes, she eats veggies and like most children likes crunchy food – spring rolls, popcorn, and fried chicken. Recently, she discovered ebi fry or fried prawns. Not necessarily tempura but the ones fried with bread crumbs, specifically, that of Yoshinoya’s. There was a weekend that she had it for dinner and still asked for it for lunch the following day. She loves the beef gravy-drenched rice with the crispy prawns and would not mind having it everyday.

So I guess it won’t be difficult to choose a place to eat next time we go out as a family because to date, there can only be one choice, her favorite Sushinoya.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kidventure 2012

Ashrie had always wanted to go ever since she watched the ad on TV. So, on the last day of the event we brought her to Suntec City Mall for Okto’s Kidventure. She just awoke from a bus ride-long nap but she dutifully accomplished all the required activities (all four of them) to receive her goodie bag. Although I think that Friso can do better with the reward.

The activities include Feeding the Cows, Milking the Cows, Hay Search, and Creative Space. There also photo stations, spin-the-wheel, a live show, mascots, and balloon sculpting.

After some waffles and ice cream at Geláre, we transferred to Marina Square Mall for Dinosaur Train’s musical show. The pink Dino gave us the most laughs. His head was too heavy for the poor guy to carry that he needed to always use his hand to lift the humongous head to make it more animated.

She’s happy. And when she is, we are too.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ashrie's Tent

MyGirls never fail to amaze me with activities they have come up for play. The other day, I came home with an unusual yellow glow from the bedroom. I thought they have changed the light bulb only to find out that tent dwellers took over the master bedroom.

Ashrie said it was her castle. And what a great castle it is, with bouncy floors and all. Good thing the castle was down before bedtime.

I wonder what’s up next…

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hay Day


It has eaten up most of our free time at home in the past few weeks and now that the fascination has subsided, and we have almost finished it, I think it’s time to present to you our little farm.

We love Hay Day because of its animation and ease of control. The swipe planting technique is fast and easy rather than planting a crop one lot at a time. I can speak from my previous experiences with older farm games like Farm Town, Farmville, Smurf’s Village just to name a few wherein you have to tap each lot to be able to plant or harvest a crop. That is same when getting products from farm animals.

Hay Day has the cutest, most adorable farm animals in the web. Keeping it up with the Christmas season, the cows, pigs, goats, sheep and chickens are donned with cozy winter clothes until the next game update.

The online game is also brilliantly interactive. Tap the river and you’ll see fishes jumping out of it, tap a flower bed and butterflies will flutter after a few seconds, tap a bird house and birds will fly towards it. Tap a few more times and more birds will rest on it, until there is no room for more and that other birds will begin to move away from it. There are also shadows of birds hovering above the farm and for this special time, fog moves across and snow falls in random fashion.

That’s it for now, the farmer needs to harvest his crops!
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