Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Happy Father's Day to me and to all awesome dads!

MyGirls surprised me last Saturday afternoon (after work) with an early Father's Day greeting. They say Sunday mornings will be very busy because we will be preparing for church. And that's so true, so I really appreciate the gesture that they did to kinda slip this greeting into our busy schedule.

Thank you my dearest girls. I love you very much!

Sunday was church time in the morning. Evangel gave each dad present a jar of Janice Wong's cookies and the kids made a Father's Day craft. We had quick lunch at McDonald's Causeway Point. We bought Ate new pairs of shoes and a new Peppa Pig scooter for Lia.

When we reached home, it was cleaning day. And of all days, I thoroughly clean the vacuum cleaner! It was a day well spent, to say the least, because hen I have a productive day, I am happy and contented.

To all dads, a Happy Father's day from Me&MyGirls.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Carton Playhouse DIY

Kids love the latest toys (and they can be a source of most of the clutter at home. It creeps from the Kid's Rooms to every inch of your floor space if not contained well. They can even be very expensive. They say the best toys are free. And it's really true as we all know from experience.

Here's a very easy DIY (blogged by Ashrie), completely free and I'm sure your kids will surely enjoy playing.

We had a big, old carton box  that Mom creatively turned into a playhouse. Mom did all the cutting and designing while Lia and I did the decorating. Just take a look at how it turned out!
If you want to make a house like this, you will need:
A big-sized carton box
Markers (optional)
Plate (if you want circle windows)
Cutter or scissors
A pencil
A long ruler
A smaller box (optional, for the chimney)

Lia and I really like our playhouse. Especially when we get to draw inside. We drew many things inside our house like pretend food, jewelry, clothes, some scribbles and even ourselves!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lia Turns Three!

We celebrated Lia's birthday a day in advance because her birthday fell on a Sunday. We hosted a simple dinner for a bunch of friends and decked the halls with decorations. I took a leave from the office that day to provide a little help in the kitchen.

We set the entire living room as the entertainment area and the old dining room as the play area. We set a buffet table with sumptuous dishes from Jane's Kitchen (that's basically our kitchen with Jane as the chef, cook, and everything else). Here's the spread.

Special Balisungsong Rice. Fragrant rice that is lightly seasoned and wrapped in banana leaves. It is then cooked for a minimum of 2 hours.

Menudo. A pork stew with bell peppers, peas, carrots, potatoes, and raisins in a rich tomato-based sauce.

Kare-Kare. Jane's version is a thick, peanut-based gravy, topped with crispy pork belly, eggplant, pechay, and string beans---all perfectly paired with bagoong.

Veggies in Cream Sauce. Sautéed carrots, corn, peas, and jicamas with prawns and quail eggs.

Dessert was Leche Flan topped either with macapuno or kaong (palm nut). And for refreshments we served Arizona Sunset cocktails.

The birthday girl wore a white blouse and green shorts but refused to wear her silver sandals. Her mood was really down once she tried the new pair on, so when her mom changed it to her pick, which was her pink rabbit shoes, she was thrilled.

She requested specifically for this Strawberry Cheese Cake. We just added the colorful flower topper for it to look more festive. It looks good and tastes really nice! Even our guests approved!

She really had a blast playing with her Ate and the two other little girls, Danah and Ayah. She fell asleep after her milk time but woke up after a few minutes and played with them again.

The ladies chatted through the night over good food, a good cup of coffees (or tea) and sweets. And played the 5-Second Rule Game to spice things up.

It was indeed a lovely (and noisy) and laughter-filled evening.

Happy Birthday to our little darling Lia! You are bringing so much joy to our lives every day. May you grow healthy, strong, wise and blessed. We love you dearly.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Egg Carton Flowers

A few Sundays ago, 23 April 2017 Lia and I decided to make another craft from Mother Goose Club. We made Egg Carton Flowers! 

This craft was very easy to make and you'll only be needing an egg carton tray, assorted paints, and sticks. Here are the instructions:

1) Paint the egg carton tray with whatever color you want.
2) Paint the back of the egg carton tray too.
3) Leave the paint to dry.
4) When the paint is dry, cut out the egg carton pods into flower petal shapes.
5) Get some barbecue sticks and poke it into the egg carton pod to make a stem. Be careful and ask help from your parents because the stick has a pointed end.

There you have it, beautiful egg carton flowers! Perfect for pictures and it makes a beautiful bouquet! Try it out! It's fun to make and it never dies!


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ashrie's 8th Birthday Party

I was very excited about my party. My birthday was yesterday, Friday, but everybody was at work. So we had it on a Saturday.

Daddy put the decorations up and Mommy worked hard preparing the food. Now I realised how hard they worked for my party. Lia and I got dressed and waited for the guests to arrive. Then some of the guests arrived, first it was Ninang  Diane, Ninong Carlo, Ate April and Danah. Danah was a bit shy so we played Lia's LEGO Duplo. Then the rest of the guests arrived -  Tita Luisa, Tita Grace and Tita Meanne. They joined us in playing LEGO Duplo. After playing, we sat down to eat. Mommy served Spaghetti, Palabok, Spring Rolls and Macaroni Salad.

After dinner, we all played Pie Face. The children used a heart-shaped sponge and the adults used whipped cream. The children laughed when the adults got Pie-Faced. The winner was Ate April. Mommy gave her a prize.

After we were finished playing, Daddy brought out my cake. Everybody sang the Happy Birthday song to me. While I was making a wish, Lia was already blowing the candle!

Soon, it was the end of my birthday party. Before the guests left, I gave them my thank-you-for-coming cards.

Then, I opened my birthday presents. The present from Ninang Diane was a book entitled Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book. It was a nice book. It had sixty-seven chapters. The next present was from the Titas - LEGO Friends. And of course, my Mom and Dad gave me LEGO Friends Emma's House and a smaller LEGO Friends set. I love it!

Thank you Dad and Mom, and to all the guests who came. You made my birthday very, very special.

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