Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My 9th Birthday (by Ashrie)

Last April 28, Saturday,  I celebrated my 9th birthday. That afternoon, Mommy brought me to Square 2 in Novena. Dad and Lia were left at home because Lia was not feeling well. I had no idea that the Titas, Ninang Diane, Ninong Carlo and Danah were actually there too. We met them at Jollibee. It was a surprise birthday party!

They gave me gifts and I was really grateful to them. The Titas even gave me a bouquet of fresh flowers. We all ate delicious food. Afterwards, Danah helped me open my gifts. I got a book from Ninang Diane, Ninong Carlo and Danah and a small, mouse-shaped bag and a shirt from the Titas.

We went to Smiggle next, Danah and I played with the spy pen and wrote on our hands. When we were going to Toys" R" Us, we passed by a shop and saw a photo booth. Danah and I took pictures in it. When we were going out of the shop, a man gave us balloons and we carried them to Toys "R" Us. In the toy store, Ninang Diane bought a Disney Princess lollipop holder for me, a squishy for Danah and a Marble Slide toy for Lia.

Then Mommy and I took the train home. When we got home, there were more surprises! Daddy and Lia surprised me with a birthday cake and more gifts. They decorated the house with pink balloons, a banner with my name on it and some paper lanterns. It was fabulous! I opened the gifts and got a LEGO Friends Play Set and a couple of gift boxes filled with craft materials like stickers, and glittery gems.

 I am really grateful to the ones who spent their money and time to prepare and buy me presents.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Staycation at Rendezvous Hotel Singapore

It's Jane's birthday! The house is decked with balloons, garlands, and pompoms, all in yellow. But cheery as it is, we will not be staying at the casa over the weekend because we were booked at Rendezvous Hotel to celebrate her special day all the way to the weekend.

Rendezvous Hotel is located right smack in one corner of a busy city intersection so their Taxi Drop-Off and main entrance are hidden on the side street. It's quite unusual for a hotel but that is not the only quirk that this unconventional hotel has. The facade is old and rich in history but inside it is dotted with modern art, sculpture, and a burst of youthful color.

THE CLUB LOUNGE. We registered at the main lobby (Ground Floor) and then led to another registration at the Club Lounge (11th Floor) where we received our card keys. 

Refreshments were served here in the afternoon. There were pastries, cookies, and salted chips. There were also coffee and tea facilities but you need to prepare and get your own. At night, club guests were served with a mini dinner buffet. Both Jane and I enjoyed their Shepherd's Pie and their fancy mocktails.

We then proceeded to the 5th floor for our hotel room.  We stayed in the Junior Suite, a first for Me&MyGirls and the room did not disappoint. 

THE JUNIOR SUITE. A divider panel welcomes guests when they opened the door. The room is basically divided into two areas, the Living and Bedroom, and the Toilet and Bath. 

The Living and Bedroom Area has a very neutral palette with accents of metallic colors. The ceilings are high and the room is not cluttered with unnecessary design elements. The room is simple but very spacious which make it feel very luxurious. 

Same is true with the Toilet and Bath which is separated into four distinct zones - the sink, the toilet, the shower, and the bathtub. It is flooded with natural light and has a panoramic view of the cityscape by the bathtub. The sink is quite small, but the laundry drawers are convenient and very accessible features.

THE STRAITS CAFE. We had our breakfast buffet at the cafe. The setting was casual and the view was the nearby street, a bus stop even. Their breakfast offering was a combination of western and local cuisine. Here, you also need to make your own coffee. I can't help but compare, as we have been to other Far East Hospitality Hotels like Quincy, Oasia Novena, and Oasia Downtown that serves you barista-quality coffees delivered right to your table.) Also, the fried noodles were cold and the omelet section was unmanned. Nevertheless, I enjoyed their Squid Balls Soup, and we had a sumptuous time before spending the rest of the day swimming and enjoying the attractions near the hotel.

THE POOL AREA. The gym is located on the third floor as well as the outdoor pool and jacuzzi area. It is open to all guests and can be viewed by the upper rooms on almost three sides. During our stay, it was a bit crowded in the afternoon, but we had the privilege to exclusively use the area around noon the next day. The building around it shades it from the harsh sunlight and provides the perfect microclimate for swimming and relaxing.

While we were in the city and in the Museum District at that, we visited the National Museum of Singapore before heading home. It was Lia's first time to be there and a first for the rest of us after so many years.

All in all, it was a very pleasant stay. The birthday girl was relaxed,  for the weekend at least. Of course, as always, the little girls enjoyed the staycation more than anyone. 

Happy Birthday, Jane! May God bless you even more and grant the desires of your heart. We wish you good health and a more bountiful life ahead. We love you so much!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Lia's Coloring Skills

Ashrie drew sketches for Lia to color and little did we know that she can color well! What a revelation!

Lia, you never fail to surprise and delight us every time.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Year Kick-Off Party at The Royal Plaza on Scotts

We are welcoming 2018 again with our closest friends here in Singapore a weekend later. Usually, we host our annual party in each of our homes but this year we have decided to book three Club Rooms at Royal Plaza on Scotts to celebrate.

The lobby is grand with its symmetrical winding staircase to and fro the ballrooms and function halls on the second floor. Being awarded as The Best Independent Hotel for more than ten consecutive years, they boast and bask in this glory by having a wall of fame right in their lobby. However, there was limited seating for guests especially during the peak hours of breakfast, dinner, check-in and check out.

We arrived in the afternoon, checked in, inspected our rooms and shortly after, met at the Club Lounge for some refreshments.

THE CLUB ROOM. All of our rooms are located on the 14th storey. We got two rooms connected by interior doors and another room one-hotel-room-away. Our view was that of Far East Plaza along Scotts Road. Our room looks clean, compact but luxurious. It is wallpapered, the floor has wall-to-wall carpeting, a Barcelona Chair to lounge in the corner and a desk in the other. There are beveled mirrors here and there. The mini-fridge is tucked neatly and strategically under the desk and all goodies inside are free of charge. There was a Nespresso machine with six capsules (which is generous compared to other hotels) and TWG teas. Carousel, their in-house resto also provided some Veggie chips as a treat. Try them, it's good!

The bathroom has a separate glass-enclosed shower. The TV and the rest of the bedroom area may be viewed from the inside and the same may be blocked-out by drawing a curtain down near the tub. Toiletries are from Asprey London.

THE FITNESS AREA. After refreshments, the kids had their swim time. The Fitness Area Lobby was casual but impressive. There's also a gym and a lap pool. For families with young kids, note that the shallowest part of the pool is 1.5m, so have your kids' arm floaters and swim vests ready if you plan to take them for a dip. Among all the facilities of the hotel that we have been to, we think that the pool area would benefit from a refresh, a nice renovation perhaps?

THE ROYAL CLUB. Refreshments at the Club Lounge are free for guests staying in the Club Rooms up to two persons. They serve coffees, teas, and pastries for High Tea and wine, cheese and hors d’ oeuvres during the Cocktail Hours. We had our fill here before our party. Note that children are not allowed in the lounge in the evening.

THE PARTY. We have decided that this year, we'll go with a 1920s-inspired party theme. The Roaring Twenties is full of glitz and glamour so the girls had the time of their lives as they have an opportunity to go full on with their blings.

Me&MyGirls as a family went with a Midnight Blue color theme. Jane wore a rhinestone-studded dress with a pattern reminiscent of the Art Deco era. I wore a simple knitted shirt and a newsboy cap. Ashrie and Lia, on the contrary, donned their sequined dresses. Their H&M dresses almost look identical but Lia's dress is covered with a mesh to protect her from the sharp sequin's edge. Both have this "dancing" oil slick colored sequins that are very cool to look at and both wear dark blue shiny beads as a necklace for Lia and bracelet for Ate. For the headdresses, Jane wore a replica of what Daisy wore on The Great Gatsby movie, Ate had black peacock feathers on hers and Lia had white.

You know a party wouldn't be complete without decorations so even in the hotel room, we have managed to hang black and gold garlands. It gave a more festive ambiance and looks great as a photo backdrop too!

We exchange gifts and we had our Gift Exchange. Yup, you've read it right. Then we had fun games. Good thing the neighboring rooms did not bother to report us because I'm pretty sure we were noisy. As they say here in SG, "Apologies for any inconvenience caused." It was indeed a fun party, especially for the kids.

BUFFET BREAKFAST AT CAROUSEL. Club guests can have breakfast away from the rest of the hotel crowd at The Royal Club but we opted to have ours at Carousel. We were spoilt for choice. Their offerings include Western, Chinese, and Malay cuisine. And of course, the breakfast staples like omelets, yogurts, bread, and pastries, and tropical fruits. The restaurant, however, is Halal-certified so expect no bacon here, there's no turkey bacon even when we're there. We had a table for six and ended up with six bigger tummies ready for another busy day ahead.

Cons: (These were minor but worth mentioning.) All the supplies came in pairs but there's only one pair of slippers available in our closet. And the biggest bummer was when we called for a staff to fixed the locked doors to connect the two adjacent rooms, waiting time took about two hours before any help came.

All in all, the hotel staycation and the kick-off party was a success. We had a memorable event with our family away from family here in Singapore and we hope that this is just a beginning of more adventures to come both here and who knows where.

Again, Happy New Year from all of us!

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