Monday, May 6, 2013

Ashrie’s Picnic Party

For Ashrie’s fourth birthday party, we have decided to go for a picnic theme and chose the Lower Seletar Reservoir Park as the venue for the event. Initially, Ashrie has chosen an open area in the park with two adjacent picnic tables and a flat lawn. It’s a perfect spot! But due to Singapore’s unpredictable weather conditions, we opted to use the sheltered area to be safe and dry (both the food and our guests) just in case of a downpour.

May 1, 2013. It rained heavily around noontime so even up to the last hour, we were on the fence where to setup the party. We have prepared the house but it really seems strange to have picnic mats on the floor and to have picnic foods indoors, so a few minutes before the party begins, we finally go for the gold, or green for that matter- to bring the party out, where it should be. Earlier that day, we had already posted a reservation note along with the permit from NParks on the concrete picnic table in the shelter so even if the shelter was full of people when we arrived, they graciously left without having been told when they saw us coming. There is also a group of teens who were somewhat disappointed when they saw us setting up the place ahead of them. It seems like they’re going to have a picnic party as well but took a chance and did not bother to acquire a permit from the authorities. Sorry guys!

Moving on, we have cozy picnic mats, picnic baskets full of munchies, red and white (and pink) balloons, and a few battery-operated LED lanterns, all these in either in a solid red and white color scheme or in the striking gingham pattern.

For the food, the buffet is composed of individually-packed pasta, corn on cob, chicken nuggets, fish balls, hotdog buns, egg pies, banana cupcakes, Eton Mess trifle, frozen ice pops, and a fresh watermelon cake. We had canned iced lemon and iced apple teas, plus bottled water, of course. We readied picnic foods but still served it nicely by bringing out the cake stand, the tiered cupcake stands, and white servewares lined with red paper napkins. It’s painstaking but I think that these little details and conscious efforts make an event extra special, when you do something that you would not normally do on an ordinary day.

My brother and I had a few trips back and forth the house and the park to deliver all the party stuff. But going back was just one trip back because of the help of our friends.

The weather turned out to be nice, cloudy and cool breeze all throughout the afternoon. Thank God! Special thanks to all our guests who came and celebrated with us even it was a public holiday that day.

And to the joy of my life, our precious daughter Ashrie, may you grow up with living up to your name, that God will be your ever-present Help (Ashrie) and you are His beloved (Jed) and no matter what, Mommy and Daddy’s too.

Happy, Happy 4th Birthday Ashrie!

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