Monday, September 29, 2014

Lia Ahryn's 4th Month

Lia turned 4 months old yesterday.  She's now noisier than ever before, both in babbling and giggling, and in crying! She's starting to like peekaboos and have favorite toys. She's now into grabbing things and touching faces and loves to talk with her reflection in the mirror.

We will introduce solid food very soon and see how it goes. 

But for now, let me greet this little bunny a Happy 4th Month! We love you Li'l Lia!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Ashrie Sings at Pinoy Connection

Jane posted a video of her and Ashrie singing the hymn "You Are My All In All" a few weeks back on Facebook and one church leader noticed. They invited the two to sing together for the Filipino gathering which was held yesterday.

The week before Ashrie caught cold and with it its ugly sister-cough. And while she's recovering the mom had the same. But Jane's sore throat got so bad that Cookie Monster sounded better. So the same Sunday that they are scheduled to sing, we decided to tell Ashrie that she needed to sing in solo.

She agreed! She practiced with the new lines and off we went to the event.

She did it!

She sang Hillsong's Jesus What a Beautiful Name. Sometimes, I forget that she's only five. Positively, she’s entirely different from me when I was her age.

Her mom and I couldn't be any prouder. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

DIY Baby Booties


The Domestic Diva (aka as the wife) surprised me yet again! This time by creating this DIY Baby Booties, all by hand! Now, I'm really considering buying an electric sewing machine for her.

Come to think of it, babies don't walk yet and actually doesn't need shoes. It is more of an accessory to complete an outfit. But needless to say, baby shoes can sometimes be more expensive than the mommy's because they are very difficult to do. But you must also not forget how parents could not resist buying cute stuff for their little one.

For this project, she used felt which is a very comfy material and accented it with a tri-petal floweret and buttons.

How cute!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Top 5 IKEA Picks for a Boy's Bedroom

IKEA's 2015 catalogue is finally out. I have received mine from the letterbox last night.

Although the novelty of IKEA products is undeniable, it is also an irrefutable fact that IKEA shopping and even product browsing is so accessible and easy to do. There are new items in stock now and I wish to share my favorites. Most of which are for a boy's room, which is ironic because I don't have a son, yet. Or maybe that's just the way it goes.

Let's start with Number 5:

This would look great on the bed as a huggable pillow, on the floor, or to be shoot on a ring. Buy all three for visual impact and a fun splash of color.

A fun storage solution for small items such as small toys, pens, sunglasses, notebooks or what have you. It's an ultimate catch-it-all, takes no floor space and also serves as a cool wall decor. 

Halloween's coming up and this would be perfect, but knowing that boys love creepy things like monsters and dinosaurs, I think this would be good all year round. I also love that the quiltcover is reversible so you can switch it up when the conservative grandma is coming for a visit. And just an idea, wouldn't it be cooler if you can make it glow-in-the-dark using fabric paint? 

SPRINGA (The Red Racetrack) would look great in any contemporary room, either for the athletic kid or a fun addition to the nursery. Its bold color and numbers are graphic and would even work as a teaching tool. SNABBFOTAD (Rug with Shoemarks) would look good in a very tidy boy's or teen's room to add visual contrast. Just inform the house cleaner in advance that this is not "real dirt marks". :)

FLYGTUR (Red Airplane). Boy's Room must have, especially if he's into airplanes. When designing, I try to stay away from character or Disney-themed rooms as they tend to be out-of-style faster and "matchy-matchy" is always not good if you don't want your kid's room to look like a venue for a kid's birthday party.

UTFORSKA (Compass). Here's one that would go well in a library or a nautical-inspired room. Imagine this on the floor and vintage maps on the walls. Orient the arrow geographically and you're good to go. It's just brilliant!

LEVANDE is for the techy kid. Added bonus are the colorful texts against a black background.

And lastly,

Had this been available when we were buying a bed for my daughter, I would have definitely picked this. Actually, I am considering of getting one, or two. It's simply amazing! IKEA has done it again, this time by mass-producing a bed and storage solution at a very reasonable price. The STUVA has a loft bed, a cabinet, a book shelf, and a study table all in one piece. It's a space-saver which your kid would surely approve. 

Now, what is your favorite?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lia Ahryn's Third Month

Baby Lia turns three months last Thursday!

She’s now more talkative (meaning her babbling has increased both in frequency and quantity of sounds produced). She enjoyed talking to us and loves it even more when we sing.  Her feedings were increased but she naps as often as before.

We've already switched her to small-sized diapers (Yes, we still love Huggies). We also bought new teats (for 3 months+) for her baby bottles and we'll do the change soon. She’s now using the stroller on the reclined position as she has outgrown the baby car seat. When she’s strong enough to support her head, it’ll be easier to bring her around on the baby carrier.  And maybe we can go out more. She recently discovered her hands and how tasty they are and she's also starting to grab things.

Yesterday was her checkup and vaccination. She has doubled her weight and is now more than 5kg. The doctor also noted that she’s quite tall for her age.

One of the side effects of vaccination as we all know is fever. Sometimes babies have it, sometimes they don’t.  In Lia’s case, she got a low grade fever a day after her jab. So this is her FFE, first fever ever! Thank God she's happy though.

The Mom gave her a fever patch but the sister thought to put some princess stickers on it just to make it a little prettier. So there you go! 

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