Thursday, January 26, 2017

If Lia Will Fill-Up a Slum Book Right Now

You might not know what a Slum book (Slam book) is and still have to google it. But if you are my "genmates", you probably had or at least filled-up one.

Lia is now at the height of being a terrible two, and she's terrific in being one. She's really outspoken and very good in reasoning. She still tries to squeeze her way out our steel gate and sometimes still succeed. She's now potty-trained but we still use diapers when going out. She loves opening presents, packages, and even mails. She enjoys opening Kinder Surprise Eggs (which I believe is illegal in the US). She only likes the toy part so there are a lot of the chocolate half in our fridge. She enjoys "token" rides in the mall and of course toy store visits. 

Back with to slum book thing, here is what her entry would look like:
Name: Lia
Age: Two
Favorite Color: Pink ("I yav pink!")
Favorite Food: Noodles, Cheese, Bread, Dried Mango
Favorite Toy: "Mr. Raddit" (Rabbit)
Favorite Cartoon Character: Dibbo, Peppa, Octonauts, Shopkins
Hobbies: Messing the house, Watching Food Videos in Instagram, Watching Dibbo on iPad, More messing in the house
Ambition: To be a Doctor

With the dawn of social media, especially Facebook, slum books are now history. It's all part of our past, that time when we need to ask information about our friends, or even loved ones to know more about them, what they enjoy doing, what they value, and what their dreams are.

There is nostalgia in bringing up all these things as well as reading old blog entries and viewing old pictures. And that would never go out of style.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Tonsillectomy Update

Months after Ashrie's tonsillectomy, I reckon it was after two weeks that she went back to school. But only after her clearance from her doctor (the check-up one month after her operation) was she given a go signal to participate in her PE classes.

She's now in Primary 2. It's (a bit) easier to wake her up in the morning. She sleeps quietly and is doing very well both in health and in school. She is less sickly and when she has a cough, cold and fever, it is less of a struggle for her and recovery is much faster.

I'm so glad we've decided to let her undergo this surgery. 
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