Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunflower Seeds

Another skit here:

Ashrie: (pointing to the snack packs) "Mommy what's this?
Mommy: "Oh, those are sunflower seeds."
Ashrie: "I want to go out."
Mommy: "Why, what are you going to do?"
Ashrie: (in full confidence) "I want to plant the seeds!"

Have a great and happy day guys! Until next time.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Just for Laughs

At the time Ashrie began talking, we also started to stack her up with new words to increase her vocab. We do not have a specific time for lessons but we make sure to use every opportunity to teach her whenever possible. Oftentimes she’ll repeat words that we say, and we usually end up laughing at the words she has come up with. Learning has to be fun after all.

Here are some words that made us smile and wonder at the same time because we don’t know where she got it from…

Us versus Ashrie’s
Fidgety: Fingertips (She’s watching the crafts show)
Moisturizer: Noisy Blender (Well, probably she’ll be using organic, home-prepared ones)
Mighty Bond: Mighty One (Oh, she’s spiritual)

And I got a couple of skits here:

Skit 1:
Mom: “Ashrie, later we’re going to the birthday party of Kenji.”
Ashrie: “No. Ashrie’s birthday!”
Mom: “Don’t be selfish okay? Other kids need to celebrate their birthdays too.”
Ashrie: “Okay.”
Mom: (A bit surprised) “Do you know what selfish means?”
Ashrie: “Yes! FISH!”

Skit 2:
Mom: “Ashrie, Is Daddy handsome?”
Ashrie: “Yes! Hands on!”

Photo Credits: http://picture-book.com/

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Birthday Surprise!

Just when I thought I have received the best from MyGirls when they handed me the nicest greeting card yesterday (you can check out my previous post to see this beautifully-handcrafted, personal, and one-of-a-kind birthday card), they proved me wrong. It was just an appetizer, foreshadowing even better things to come.
I didn’t have the slightest idea that they are up to something. Those visits to Orchard Road last week and frequenting craft shops with Ashrie are all but preparations for my birthday bash.
And to my great surprise, the "big reveal" was when I opened the door of our flat last night, after a day's work in the office.
The design on the “DAD letters” was done by Ashrie.
It's actually her little handprints!
Bakerzin’s Strawberry Cheese Cake

After the dinner, they even presented me with a nicely-wrapped present!

Giftwrap is created
with Ashrie’s scribbles!

And here’s what’s inside…
Love it!

Thank you to my wife Jane for coming up with this idea, preparing it for days and finally executing the plan with impeccable precision and exquisite taste. Not to forget the significant contribution of Ashrie on the artworks. Yes, you did it yet again! I appreciate all your efforts in making me extra-special on my day. And I must say, this is, by far, my best birthday celebration ever!

Thank God for a year that was and for His grace that kept Me&MyGirls happy together and indeed blessed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank God I’m a Daddy!

While others say it’s just another day, or just a cleverly-concocted day of commercialism for businesses to step-up their sales, I beg to differ.

Fathers’ Day is such a special occasion to honor, give regard to, remember, or praise Dad. It’s the perfect time to tell Dad how much you appreciate him and his efforts to provide well for the family.

I love this day especially that I'm a dad for 2 years now. The date would always fall near my birthday, so it will always be a double celebration on my part. It’s good to be a father. And it’s indeed great to be a dad!

Just how do I love it? Let me count the ways!

1. I love freebies! Earlier this week, all fathers from our block got this Super Dad Surprise.

2. I love MyGirls! They gave me a giant pin awarding me as No.1 Dad. 

3. I love Arts and Crafts! I received this bag tag from Ashrie. It was their craft time project in Sunday School. (The case was already prepared by the teachers.)

4. I love Coffee! All dads at Evangel Family Church got a Starbucks Gift Card with a $20 load along with a Bear Hug Coupon and a Free Chore Pass! (Well, I love bear hugs and to be free of chores too!)

 5. I love presents! Each of the Filipino Fellowship dads received a bottle of a sporty scent as a gift.

 6. I love winning! I have been chosen as one of the best dressed dads during yesterday’s event at church. All seven of us received a $70 voucher!

We took some souvenir photos of the day and here is a couple of our best shots courtesy of our personal photographer, my brother AR. Thanks to these two precious ladies. Without them I would not be a Daddy! J

 Father's Day 2011 is history. Next stop, my birthday. Until next post!

Friday, June 17, 2011

No. 1 DAD

My daughter Ashrie and my badge!

To my wife and daughter, thank you for everything! I love you so much!

Hug Daddy_Father's Day Special

Once in a while, usually before entering our flat after a day’s work, I would find a flyer recklessly tucked in the crevices of our steel grill door. I would take it, glance on it, and straight it go to the rubbish bin. It is commonly a real estate advertisement or home repair services. But last night, it was different…

It's a familiar, well designed, and “printed-on-good-quality-paper” invite. It’s actually a Father’s Day Celebration invitation card from our local church! And with it, a Super Dad leather key chain. I’m sure all of the Dads in our block are pleased with this token. I for one was greatly touched with this kind and generous gesture. The message at the back of the key chain pack reads: “Dad, we remember your tireless effort of giving and providing for the family. Thank you. With Love, Evangel Family Church”.

So to Evangel, my sincerest thanks to the pastoral and office staff.

By the way, you are welcome to join us this Sunday in Evangel Family Church for our Father’s Day Celebration.  We would be happy to see you. Bring the whole family, and don't forget Daddy!

Please visit Evangel’s website for more information and for direction details.  Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dads are Special

This Sunday is Fathers' Day! And I am biased in saying that dads are special people. But come to think of it, we all have dads, and for sure everyone can attest that their dads are really “something”.

So whether your dad is stern, weird, annoying, funny, or fat, give him a hug and greet him, especially this Sunday. That would mean so much to him. I should know, I’m a dad too!

With that, let me share this short poem by Helen Steiner Rice entitled Dads are Special.

Dads are Special

It's so Nice to Have a Dad Around the House

DADS are special people
No home should be without,
For every family will agree

They are a happy mixture
Of a 'SMALL BOY' and a 'MAN'
And they're very necessary
In every 'FAMILY PLAN'

Sometimes they're most demanding
And stern, and firm and tough
But underneath they're 'soft as silk'
For this is just a 'BLUFF'

But in any kind of trouble
Dad reaches out his hand.
And you can always count on him
To help and understand

And while we do not praise Dad
as often as we should,
We love him and admire him,
And while that's understood,

It's only fair to emphasise
His importance and his worth

For if there were no loving Dads
This would be a 'LOVELESS EARTH'.

So to all good and "trying to be good" fathers all over the world, Let Me&MyGirls greet you a Happy Fathers' Day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ashrie's Art Gallery

Over the past months, Ashrie has created quite a number of paintings, artworks and crafts. We have managed to have some of her paintings framed as shown in the photo below.

You can find the stories behind each artwork through these links:
Sad Octopus

Jeremy Scott+Swatch = Black Opulence Watch

He wanted it, he gets it!

My brother requested for this watch as a present for his 25th birthday! A long overdue gift but it’s better late than never, right? It was a Swatch Black Opulence Watch designed by Jeremy Scott. Featuring a very conspicuous faux antique, detachable frame, this watch proves to be a “mobile” work of art.

Although I’m not head over heels on this watch, I'm pretty sure he definitely liked it!

Thought bubble: “Hmmm, I wonder what present he's wrapping up for my birthday.”

Friday, June 10, 2011

McDonald's Singapore Buy 1, Get 1 Free McFloat

McDonald's Singapore's promotions with special mention to "DAD". Print or flash coupon on your mobile to redeem. Terms and conditons apply. Advanced Happy Fathers' Day to all dads!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Advanced Greetings!

Received just now, an early birthday greeting from Angsana Bintan! Hope to see you again guys, we had a wonderful time when we were there last year. And thank you for remembering! :-)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Huggies® Promotions

Huggies is one if not the leading diaper brand here in Singapore. Ashrie has been using Huggies ever since she was a baby because of the quality, the reasonable price and their outstanding promotions.

Speaking of promotions, Huggies have come up with (for us) their best promotion ever. Teaming up with Cold Storage, a consumer can redeem this Backyard Barbeque Grill Playset worth $119 by simply spending a hundred dollars worth of Huggies products.

That’s the main reason that the shelves containing Huggies diapers in Cold Sto are almost empty nowadays, and a lot of eager parents are queuing up on the counters with a cart of diapers!  So parents, especially those using this brand, there’s a pretty good reason to stock up on your kids’ diapers.

Needless to say, we did not let this promotion pass without Me&MyGirls securing one playset for Ashrie. And note, today is the last day of promotion.
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