Monday, February 24, 2014

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

We had a first glimpse of Dreamwork's Mr. Peabody & Sherman's trailer when we watched Disney's Frozen as a family  last year. And we sure don't want to miss it as it opens in Singapore theatres two weeks from now. March 13th to be precise.

It's a story of a genius dog who adopted a son, built a time machine and travelled back in time. Nothing can be as exciting as that! 

Are you going to watch it too?

Me&MyGirls in the Philippines (Part 2)

We're back! Actually since Tuesday last week but only found time to write today. So, here's Part 2 of the story.

One day before my flight, they went to Klir Water, a recently-opened swimming complex in Bulacan just near Jane's village. And being a "mermaid that she is, there's no doubt she had a great time.

Speaking of great time, on the day of my flight, they still got the chance to visit Ashrie's great grandma (Jane's father-side). They call her Inang, and she lives in a farm! Ashrie seemed to have visited a petting zoo that day because she enjoyed playing with the puppies and petting the goat. Had it been the pigs were not in their pen, she might have hugged them too! She also picked some veggies such as eggplant and okra (lady fingers). Most of these experiences were her firsts and we're so glad she's coping with it positively.


When I arrived on the weekend, we went to Manila for a short staycation with my folks. We booked two rooms at the Penthouse floor of City Garden Hotel in Makati. Before dinnertime, Jane and I got the chance to check out the nearest mall which is just a 5-minute (or less) taxi ride from the hotel, Rockwell Powerplant Mall. We fell in love with Restoration's glass table lamps but failed to buy it because it was too heavy for hand-carry. In lieu, we were able to buy two antique-looking glass hurricanes from Dimensione, some decoration stuff for Jane's baby shower and a few dresses from Gingernaps's new collection for Ashrie.

The next few days just zoomed by, we just stayed in Bulacan, visited a few antique shops nearby Jan'e place, and bought sweets to bring in to SG and before we knew it, it's time to return! 

Ashrie enjoyed the most during the one-week vacation. She was able to meet and her younger cousins and be VIP-treated by the rest of her relatives. She didn't want to leave!

I saw her dropped a tear when we landed back to Singapore. I know this, unlike our earlier trips to the Philippines, will be one that she will always remember.

Back in Changi Airport, she threw a coin in the koi pond, made a wish, and prayed that her cousins and relatives can visit us here in Singapore soon.


And thank God, that for the first time ever, she did not get the flu from our stay in the Philippines. Although, mosquitoes seem to follow her wherever she goes, even here. Does mosquitoes love Blood Type AB? Just wondering.

As for me, I'm happy to be back! And life goes on.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

MyGirls in the Philippines (Part 1)

Jane and Ashrie went to the Philippines last Tuesday and by the look of it, Ashrie's having a pretty good time. I have never imagined her doing the things she has done in the past two days that they were away, and little did I know that she has great fondness of dogs and fishes, until yesterday.

I have heard that she has been playing with my IL's dog Kiyan constantly, as they were staying there, and with her younger cousins (she's the first grandchild), one-year old Guia, and two-month old Cobie. And when they came to visit my parent's house yesterday, she spent most of her time playing with Nemo, my parent's 6-month old Maltese.

But what really surprised me was when I heard that she was in the newly-cleaned koi pond, taking away all the floating water plants and wanted to catch the fishes! That was so not her! They say she enjoyed it so much. I think she had the time of her life.

I have just one concern. I am deeply worried about the traumatized goldfishes, and koi in the pond. Just imagine the terror they have gone through! I really hope they're fine. Right at this moment I think they are on a family picnic/swimming. Surely she would love it.

By the way, my flight will be tomorrow night to join them on their one week holiday. I have no plans of joining Ashrie's water adventure but who knows.

To be continued...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Jane's 30-Something Birthday

Jane's kitchen was restaurant kitchen-busy because of all Jane’s cooking when I got home from work last Saturday. We will be hosting a dinner for five friends to celebrate her birthday and we opted to serve a Filipino feast that night. 

The birthday menu was comprised of Filipino favorites such as Menudo and Chicken Adobo. We also served Crispy-Fried Galunggong (fish) and two varieties of the Filipino sausage, Sweet and Garlic Longganisa. Plus, sidings of Fried Okra (Lady Fingers), Eggplant which were to be dipped in Bagoong (prawn paste), vinegar and chillies, and Salted Egg in Mango-Tomato salsa. We deliberately did not prepare any cutlery except for the serving spoons as guests were to eat Kamayan-style.

For refreshments, we served, Gulaman (jello cubes in brown sugar syrup and ice cold water) and Saging Con Yelo (sweetened bananas in brown  sugar syrup, milk, and shaved ice).

The next day, which was actually her birthday, we had her favorite Mango Cake and Peach-Mango flavored Ice Cream which we shared with our current tenants and their SG-visiting mom.

By the way, we will be on a short trip to the Philippines this week. We're so looking forward to see our families again and Ashrie's two new (and only) first cousins! That would be the subject of my next post. 

And lastly, and more importantly, Happy birthday to my wife, Jane. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

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