Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Jane's First Run

When we were first starting, Jane doesn't know how to cook but now she really can cook (and very good at that) and she even make her own recipes. She can lose weight if she wants to. And I believe she's one of those people who can fulfill their bucket lists because she can do anything she puts her mind and heart into.

A few months back she said she would like to join a marathon. She signed up, trained before the event, and finished her run.

She participated in Shape Run 2016, an all-women run held at the Marina Bay area in the early morning of July 24, 2016.

Well done, Mahal! 

I pray that our daughters would look up to her for inspiration, to grow up strong and decisive, to be hardworking, to be lofty dreamers and great achievers, just like their mom.

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