Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ashrie is 7!

Time flies!

Today, about the time of this posting, seven years ago, our first child was born. We named her Ashrie Jed. Ashrie evolved from our combined nicknames/names "AZ "and Ma-"ry". It means God is my help and Jed means God's beloved.

I remember wanting her to be born on the First of May, because first, It's "Labor" Day, and second, because it's always good and convenient that your birthday falls on a holiday - no work and all. But Jane was scheduled for her CS Operation on the 29th of April, 2009. Even so, Ashrie really wanted to be born on the 28th as Jane started labor as early as the night of the 27th. She really chose today to be her special day. It was a Tuesday afternoon where N1H1 was in the headlines of newspapers.

Here's our first family picture: Ashrie's ultimate #TBT.

And here was her Birth Announcement: Of course, I have prepared the template before her birth, leaving the birth details and the photo empty.

Seven Years.

What a journey! She's now in Primary 1, recently received a school star reader badge, has a younger sister whom she loves, started owning a few permanent teeth replacements, still thoughtful, still loves to sing to the top of her lungs, naughty at times, but all in all, an adorable, loving daughter.

Happy, happy birthday. We love you Ate Ashrie! 

By the way, are you ready for your party?

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