Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Container Gardening

I love plants! 

I have been keeping a plant or two since our last rental. But lately, we have started a small garden at home with plants ranging from tropicals to succulents. And since we do not have a real garden to dig and to plant something, container gardening is the only way to go. It is actually practical because each pot can go indoors if needed and it's easy to rearrange.

It all began last year during the time when Singapore was choked by yet another haze situation. We bought pots of air purifying plants to improve air quality and since then, we continue to enjoy the benefits both in health and aesthetically as it branched out to what it is now, a small container garden.

My interest can be seen in my Instagram posts and I have here some screenshots of the Top Posts, featuring some of my plants, of course.

It really gives joy and delight to see them grow a new leaf, spread out a new branch, watch a seed grow and ultimately see a beautiful flower blossom. It is indeed a rewarding hobby.

I think everyone must have at least one plant to take care of, however black his thumb may be.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ashrie's First Day in Primary School

Happy New Year!

It was January 4, 2016. The first Monday of the year and the first day of school for 2016 here in Singapore for most of the students. It was also Ashrie's first day as a gradeschooler.

I took the day off to assist her on her day. First, in sending her to school, then in checking her up during their recess time, attending the parenting talk, buy more school uniforms and lastly, picking her up after school. I've been very busy running to and fro the school and our house. Thankfully, her school is just across the street.

Maybe I was anxious as she is or maybe I have more butterflies in the stomach than her. But thank God everything went smoothly.

I was relieved the moment I sent her at the school gate mainly because there was an older student who carried her heavy bag and brought her to their designated queue. (Parents were not allowed inside the school premises.) And during their recess where parents can have a glimpse of them, I found out that that each of them had an older student (from higher grades) to be their buddy/mentor as they go to the canteen, buy food, probably lead them to the washroom, and to send them back to their respective classrooms. All the parents, with all their cameras were cordoned off and could only watch from a distance. Fortunately, Ashrie sat close to the sides and I got a view of what she ordered or how she had been doing so far.

Here she is with her school guide, Novita.

First Day is over and I am so glad she enjoyed and did very well. I pray that God will bless her Primary Education, keep her safe, and guide her always. 

Keep it up Ashrie, we're proud of you!

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