Monday, March 30, 2015

Lia Ahryn's 10th Month

Thank God, she's 10 months old now! Time is zooming fast when you have a baby because the first year is a whirlwind of growing developments, parenting adventures, and pleasant surprises.

This past month, she was able to learn how to do things on demand like handing a certain object to us, clapping her hands, giving high-fives, doing forehead-to-forehead soft bumps, we call it in Tagalog untog (oon-tog). She also now waves her hand for hellos and goodbyes.

We also noticed her fondness of soft toys or soft, cozy things at the moment, she hugs them and leans her head on them. She also like the knitted throw on our sofa and her mom's fuzzy-wuzzy felt blanket. 

Vocally, she finally can call me dei di, or dei ya aside from her mamama, yayaya, bababa, and other babblings.

Two months to go and we will have her first birthday party. Right now I'm in the process of looking for a venue, finalizing a theme and drafting the invites.

Surely busy days are ahead of us.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Purple POÄNG

We passed Ashrie's first IKEA POÄNG armchair to her younger cousin, but now that she has a bigger room we bought another chair for her.

The classic piece is shrunk to kid-size but has all the features of the original version -  the bentwood frame, the cantilevered seat and the slipcover.

Unfortunately, unlike its bigger counterpart, the children's version doesn't come with a variety of slipcover prints to choose from. So to give Ashrie's armchair a one-of-a-kind look, we've decided to give it a splash of color. The makeover didn't cost much but the result is visually dramatic.

We just assembled the chair except for the last procedure which is fixing the slipcover. We then took the slipcover, tied a string tightly on three different locations and colored it with DYLON Fabric Dye in Intense Violet as per instruction.

After the slipcover has been rinsed and air-dried, it's ready to be used. And it looks like this:

It's still wrinkled because it has been wrung out prior to air-drying but after a few sittings it will iron out eventually. Now it's off to Ashrie's bedroom as her reading chair.

Until next DIY!

Lia Ahryn's 9th Month

Lia turned nine months last Saturday. And yup, in just three short months from now we will be celebrating her first birthday!

It's amazing how babies develop. And it's comforting to know that she's growing well. Now, she's trying to stand and balance herself and she loves it when she's successful even for a second. She can open and close her hands by demand, clap, hold her bottle while feeding herself, and stick her tongue out. She even climbed up and sat on her sister's armchair yesterday.

Well done Lia! And thank God for everything.

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