Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ashrie’s First Visit to the Dentist

Yesterday after school, my wife told Ashrie’s teacher that she could not come today because of her dental appointment. But my wife was surprised to know that Ashrie already informed her teacher of her absence the following day.

And that day is today, my wife sent me these photos from The Kid’s Dentist and she happily told me that Ashrie was well-behaved during the whole time and quite courageous at that. Her teeth, all 20 of them, are generally fine so they just did some cleaning. Next month she is scheduled for a fissure sealant procedure just to seal-off fine cracks on her molars.

I’m so proud of you Ashrie!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Stylish Paper Dolls

Paper dolls have never been so stylish! – Vouge

And they’re back. My wife told me that during her childhood, she used to draw paper dolls to play with.

But with various dolls of all shapes and sizes nowadays, the idea of playing with paper dolls is far from a little girl’s playtime schedule. Now, Louis Vuitton came up with this free downloadable of paper dolls to showcase their 2013 Spring/Summer Collection. Illustrations by Kerrie Hess and styled by Kim Hersov. Hmm, both have KH initials.

I have downloaded the 6-piece illustration set, (cover included) and will present it to MyGirls later. I wonder who will love it more.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Schoolgirl Ashrie

It was her first day of school yesterday and we were anxious to know how she would handle the new environment. Thank God everything went fine. She reported that there were two boys and two girls who cried, but she proudly said that she didn’t. I think her attendance in Sunday School is a good training ground plus the fact that she has really grown both physically and emotionally the past few months! Thank God! Here’s Ashrie in her uniform.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hopefully Ready for School

So it’s 02 January 2013, one day before Ashrie’s first day of school. It’s parent’s orientation cum visit to the center and we have mixed emotions. Our little girl is now a school girl. It is a milestone, a big leap towards independence. Let’s see how it goes as she journey into a new life adventure which is schooling. God bless her and God bless us.

Our Year-End Party

Before the year 2012 ends, we had a small gathering of ex-housemates and a few close friends in our home. Instead of hosting a casual party, we requested our guests to don themselves with D&D clothes. Most of them heed to our request and showed up well-dressed. We had dinner, played charades about 2012’s Top Ten movies, songs and stories, voted and awarded the “best dressed” of the evening.

The highlight of the night was our photo-taking session at our very own photo wall. Everyone had fun using simple mustache and pouted lips props. Even the kids joined in the fun. And I do believe they are the ones who really enjoyed that evening. Truly a happy and a lovely night with smiles all around.

From Me&MyGirls, a better year ahead.
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