Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sister's Art Jam

Yesterday was very artful at the casa. The two girls painted and I like both of their masterpieces very much. Well, not simultaneously because Lia used Crayola non-toxic paints while Ashrie used regular acrylic tube paints and so that their mentor mom can oversee both young artists. Also, for Ashrie, she will not be able to finish anything with the younger one around.

So here's what the little one came up with.

And much to my delight, Ashrie's artwork is amazing and I'm glad that she has improved a lot. Here's her cat painting.

I love it girls! You need to do more of these. Well done!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Lia's YouTube Favorites

I thought Lia will always be very, very active but thank God she's now slowing down and starting to focus. She's still very active though, but she has been starting to get attentive, responsive even. You can now read to her, watch toddler videos with her, and ask her to do simple chores like picking up and handing you things.

Like most toddlers, Lia needs to be distracted sometimes so that we can have her eat her lunch, dress up or fix her hair. There comes the help from Elmo which is now her favorite character and entertainer. The following are her current YouTube favorites: 

Elmo composed his song and shares it with Big Bird and Snuffy (Mr. Snuffleupagus). And guess what, you can make it your own song too!

Watch Elmo sing with his duck buddies!

Elmo and Halle Berry demonstrate the word "Nibble". Spoiler Alert: Watch just how ironic it is that a huge tiger knows how to nibble unlike the small bird and that little fish. 

R&B Singer and Grammy-award winner India Arie sings the ABC's with Elmo. Their rendition was beautiful and unique. You gotta hear it!

No wonder why these clips got almost a million hits. Lia alone got hundreds of views a week. (If they count it that way and not per IP address). But not being technical about it, kids really like Elmo. Period.

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