Friday, October 30, 2015

Second Year Housesary

Today we are celebrating the beginning of our third year in the casa. Since August this year, we have child-proofed the living room but last weekend, we started rearranging again. You know us, we always shake things up.

We took the padding off the coffee table revealing its old walnut veneer and letting it breathe again. We started introducing some accessories for the table tops and sort of testing the waters if it will last a day with an ever-so-energetic toddler around. And guess what? Lia seems to be cooperating well. But we are still checking which arrangement works best for all of us.

I think corralling the potted plants in a tray helped a lot in creating a safe boundary for little hands. We also made sure that if she ever got curious, we intentionally did not put any glass items that might break into little pieces and hurt her. And we kept everything tidy and minimal.

We also dotted our interiors with air-purifying indoor plants as the haze seems to be enjoying its stay here in Singapore, much to our burden. Actually, we have turned the haze situation into an inspiration and started container gardening both inside and outside the casa.

Renovation-wise, we are still making do of our old kitchen and toilets for now. Ashrie's Room has been turned around regularly to fit her growing needs, the Master Bedroom remains the same as Lia has been co-sleeping with us on her own bed. We have done a little makeover in the Dining Room and I will share the changes soon.

We are just so grateful for another year. We thank God for His providence, His loving mercy, and His grace that brought us through another year. We look forward for better and improved days and more happy years in the casa.

God bless our home!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ashrie's K2 Graduation Concert

Last month, we watched Ashrie, her class, and all the other K2 classes in the neighborhood for their K2 Graduation Concert held at The Republic Cultural Centre, in Republic Polytechnic in Woodlands. It was a special night for them as they were practicing for this event for weeks. They even had a dress rehearsal.

The auditorium was filled to the brim and the kids dressed to the nines. All were excited and the kids did not disappoint and have put up a good show.

Ashrie and her classmates did a musical number to the tune of The Wheels of the Bus and LOVE (popularized by Hi-5). They also did some other nursery rhymes.

This coming Saturday, they will be having their Graduation Ceremony. Where (I think) they will be receiving their diplomas and wear their togas. What intrigues me is that they are not preparing for this event, or that's what I know. Anyway, I think I'll just have to wait and see.

In other news, Halloween 2015 is coming. It only means one thing for me, that we will be celebrating the beginning of our third year in the casa. We still have lots of house improvements to do and slowly they are all coming to place - one by one. 

Christmas 2015 is also just around the bend and we're gearing up for the holidays. Busy days ahead, indeed!

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