Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surprise Balloons

During the weekend until earlier this week, Ashrie caught a bad cold and with it fever, so Mommy’s busy making her busy by engaging her in fun-filled activities such as painting. It’s the perfect thing to do - it is not tiring, as she is dealing with a recovering patient. It is also giving her the mental preparation for school, which she missed for a couple of days.

Ashrie never fails to impress me with her works of art. There is genius behind her innocent, nonchalant brush strokes. When asked of this piece, her concept is well-defined. It is an owl with many balloons. It’s watercolor on paper and she entitled it “Surprise Balloons”.

And here is the artist at work.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Jane’s Birthday 2013

Thank God for holidays!

I’m back to work after a 4-day break, and all is good. We celebrated Jane’s birthday last Saturday with a couple of friends who came over for dinner. We both won in a game at church in the Chinese New Year service. We spent a slow afternoon at the Chinese Garden as a family. And we even had the luxury of time to watch past seasons of our favorite TV shows on YouTube, with no consideration of waking up early the next day.

To end, let me greet my wife, a very Happy Birthday and a Happy Valentines’ Day! I love you, Jane.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pink and Double-Denim

Just a quick photo update of Ashrie. The first photo was before a “Saturdate” a couple of weeks ago. And the second was just yesterday, when MyGirls went out to dine at the nearby shopping mall.

Happy February!
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