Friday, August 30, 2013

Contest Updates

So it was announced last Tuesday that Ashrie made it to the Finals and will be competing with other Nursery kids in the English Category. I will definitely take an “early-off” from work on Monday to catch the Finals. It is to be held at either the Handalan Theatre or if the renovations are completed, The Community Club Multi-Purpose Hall. 7 PM. All are welcome!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Ashrie’s Story-Telling Competition

Last Saturday, 24 August 2013, I took a leave from work to watch Ashrie’s Story-Telling Competition. She represented her N2 Class for the English Category. There were ten kids in her division, their numbers were pre-drawn and she was the last to come up on stage. It was held at the Handalan Theatre in Nee Soon South Community Center. It was a small auditorium with an audience of about 50 people and most are relatives of the participants and the organizers.

Unlike the other kids, Ashrie got only two cheerers, me and her mom. We were both amazed at how these kids handle such stress and how they have that level of confidence to face an audience. While some delivered, some got shy and did not say a word even if the mom was together with her on the stage.

When it was Ashrie’s turn, I guess my heart skipped a beat because I really don’t know how she would handle such experience. But with a confident stride, she went for the microphone, greeted everyone, introduced herself and told her story, The Three Little Pigs.

After the competition, she proudly told us that even if her nose is itchy, she didn’t scratch and that she’s happy and proud of herself.

Contest results will be announced on a later date but we don’t really care. It will just be a bonus. We’re just so glad that she has done it and that is all that matters.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We’re Moving!

Me&MyGirls are moving. Not the blog, but we: myself, my wife Jane, and our daughter Ashrie. Together with all our belongings we will move our nest way up north of Singapore, specifically in Woodlands. We have recently purchased our first apartment and we’re thrilled to make the shift to our new home.

The journey has been tedious but thank God everything went smoothly. Being Singapore PRs, we cannot buy a new property, so our choices were narrowed down to resale flats. Not to mention the “cooling measures” from the authorities to discourage property sales to continue at the rate it is going right now. This made the flat-buying process trickier as impeccable timing is of the essence with the limited choices and the limited time that we had. Confirmation with the seller’s agent can mean a world of difference if another buyer made the call one minute earlier. We would not get this exact property have we decided to buy a few months sooner or later. So, I guess it’s just a match made in heaven. Well, so to speak.

We went on for flat viewings (with our agent) for just two days, viewed a total of eight units, and fell in love with the seventh. Actually, it was love-at-first-sight! And we were so glad that the owner gave their sweet YES.

Although we found a flat that has minor renovations to be done, we will still be hiring a contractor just to customize the apartment to suit our needs. I will post the home improvements and probably our favorite corners of the home and our new neighborhood. We still need to wait until mid-October to move-in, so for now we’re busy boxing things up, interior design planning and a little furniture shopping.

Oh, we can’t wait!
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