Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Egg Carton Flowers

A few Sundays ago, 23 April 2017 Lia and I decided to make another craft from Mother Goose Club. We made Egg Carton Flowers! 

This craft was very easy to make and you'll only be needing an egg carton tray, assorted paints, and sticks. Here are the instructions:

1) Paint the egg carton tray with whatever color you want.
2) Paint the back of the egg carton tray too.
3) Leave the paint to dry.
4) When the paint is dry, cut out the egg carton pods into flower petal shapes.
5) Get some barbecue sticks and poke it into the egg carton pod to make a stem. Be careful and ask help from your parents because the stick has a pointed end.

There you have it, beautiful egg carton flowers! Perfect for pictures and it makes a beautiful bouquet! Try it out! It's fun to make and it never dies!


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