Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ashrie and Lia’s Paintings

Ashrie is now on her Primary 2 and is doing more writing compositions for her English class in school. Both Jane and I were impressed by her articles and stories so I asked her to be a contributor to this blog. Here is her debut article written just this morning about their painting session at home yesterday. Read on.

Yesterday, 19 April 2017, Lia and I did a painting. Lia’s painting was a card and my painting was a cake picture. I used paints, a pencil, a paintbrush and a bottom of a Peck Chye. Lia used a bottom of a Peck Chye, paints and a paintbrush.

I started by drawing a picture. It was a birthday cake. Lia started by dipping the Peck Chye in the paint and stamping it onto her card. When I started painting my birthday cake, I saw Lia had mixed the colors because she put too many colors in the same place! Silly Lia! My cake was yellow but because my paper was pink, it turned orange! I did not know that yellow and pink make orange. I thought red and yellow make orange.

I saw that Lia mixed the colors so much that it was starting to turn black! I said, "Wow!"

Mommy was taking a video of Lia. She asked Lia some questions but Lia was focusing on her card and she did not reply. As for finishing touches, Lia was doing the back of her card I was doing the fireworks and the heart-shaped balloons. Lia and I were done.

Then we cleaned ourselves and let our paintings dry. Lia’s card was for Daddy. My picture was for Daddy as well! We both had a wonderful time painting together. We hope to do this again.

Thank you Ashrie! I guess there will be more entries from you in the coming days.

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