Thursday, March 16, 2017

Lia and The Tale of Mr. Rabbit

Lia loves her rabbits. Soft toy rabbits, that is.

Once she has Mr. Frog (IKEA Tosig) and he's been with her wherever she goes. We went for a stroll one time and she lost him, so when they went for a month-long vacation to the Philippines she had to settle with Mr. Rabbit's (IKEA Piphare) company. I looked for a replacement for Mr. Frog and brought it to the Philippines. But at the time, her fondness of Mr. Frog was now transferred over to Mr. Rabbit. When we're back in Singapore it was and always is Mr. Rabbit for her.

Almost all of her photos are with Mr. Rabbit. Even her Ate's Show and Tell in school was about Lia and Mr. Rabbit. It was her soother when she woke in the middle of the night. Just give it to her and most of the time, she will go back to sleep instantly after seeing him. He was her constant companion everywhere she goes.

Before last Christmas, we went to Ang Mo Kio to meet our friend. It was the family with Mr. Rabbit, of course.  Before me head home we stopped by AMK Hub FairPrice to buy some groceries and when we're done and about to head home, Mr. Rabbit is missing!

It was almost closing time but we still had the time to go back and trace our steps. We asked the Information Counter if somebody might have surrendered it, but none. We searched every section we've been to but to no avail. We went home that night, sadly and without Mr. Rabbit.

We searched high and low for a replacement and even contacted IKEA if they have a piece left as it was already a discontinued item). There wasn't any. The only Carouseller who sells a Piphare already sold it. There was a display in a restaurant in Sembawang Shopping Center that has it but they never gave us a call back when they say they will ask the owner if he wants to sell it. Our search was futile.

Meanwhile, Jane bought a pink Jelly Cat Rabbit in lieu, and I printed a Piphare for Lia. Jane is also planning to make a printed pillow of Mr. Rabbit in case we couldn't find a replacement.

Fortunately, there were sellers on eBay. We purchased one and got it more than a month later. Our generous seller even bought from another seller because the first one traveled around the world but never reached our mailbox because of address issues. But the second one reached us in a few days after everything has been rectified.

We're so happy Mr. Rabbit is back! Needless to say, He is still Lia's favorite until now.

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