Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Happy Father's Day to me and to all awesome dads!

MyGirls surprised me last Saturday afternoon (after work) with an early Father's Day greeting. They say Sunday mornings will be very busy because we will be preparing for church. And that's so true, so I really appreciate the gesture that they did to kinda slip this greeting into our busy schedule.

Thank you my dearest girls. I love you very much!

Sunday was church time in the morning. Evangel gave each dad present a jar of Janice Wong's cookies and the kids made a Father's Day craft. We had quick lunch at McDonald's Causeway Point. We bought Ate new pairs of shoes and a new Peppa Pig scooter for Lia.

When we reached home, it was cleaning day. And of all days, I thoroughly clean the vacuum cleaner! It was a day well spent, to say the least, because hen I have a productive day, I am happy and contented.

To all dads, a Happy Father's day from Me&MyGirls.

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