Monday, June 12, 2017

Carton Playhouse DIY

Kids love the latest toys (and they can be a source of most of the clutter at home. It creeps from the Kid's Rooms to every inch of your floor space if not contained well. They can even be very expensive. They say the best toys are free. And it's really true as we all know from experience.

Here's a very easy DIY (blogged by Ashrie), completely free and I'm sure your kids will surely enjoy playing.

We had a big, old carton box  that Mom creatively turned into a playhouse. Mom did all the cutting and designing while Lia and I did the decorating. Just take a look at how it turned out!
If you want to make a house like this, you will need:
A big-sized carton box
Markers (optional)
Plate (if you want circle windows)
Cutter or scissors
A pencil
A long ruler
A smaller box (optional, for the chimney)

Lia and I really like our playhouse. Especially when we get to draw inside. We drew many things inside our house like pretend food, jewelry, clothes, some scribbles and even ourselves!


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